mercoledì 1 agosto 2012

Voodoo Jewels by Livia Lazzari

Livia Lazzari is a young roman designer with an innate passion for artisan jewellery. Her collections are characterized by tribal atmospheres and a strong fascination for shamanic rituals. Unique handmade creations made of natural materials, often found in her travels by the same designer.

Livia Lazzari è una giovane designer romana con un'innata passione per la gioielleria artigianale. Nelle sue creazioni si trovano atmosfere tribali ed una forte fascinazione per i riti sciamani. Le sue creazioni sono tutte uniche e fatte a mano, utilizzando spesso materiali naturali trovati dalla stessa designer nel corso dei suoi viaggi.

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  1. Photos for inspiring :D

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  3. What a striking collection, those rings are so unusual. I liked the feathered neckpieces.

  4. so stunning! very dreamy

  5. omg this is FABULOUS!!!!! LOVE THAT NECKLACE! Hugs from California! xx,
    The Golden Girls

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  7. beautfiful pics, honey! a true inspiration to me!

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  9. Wow, I did´t know her. Amazing pieces! I love the third pic:D
    xx chris

  10. wow! amazing jewels! in deed very original! I'm clicking on her website right now.. thanks for sharing.. xoxo